Professor Ben Bickmen

Dr John Stewart, BVSc

Staying on the theme of what we're aiming for, is a low insulin life. Professor Ben Bickman is one of my heroes. He's an American physiologist and he has largely been responsible for helping us or helping the general population become aware of the importance of insulin production, and the significance of protein. So, if we eat, we can eat lots of protein providing, we are eating low carb without stimulating massive amounts of insulin.

If we are eating high protein and high carb, we are actually producing 20 times, not two, 20 times the amount of insulin that we would be if we were eating low carb and high protein. Bottom line, you can eat as much protein as you like providing you keep your carb levels down low. So, thank you for watching. I'm hoping you're enjoying this journey into the world of healthier way to eat.

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