How to Use a Blood Ketone Measuring Device

Dr John Stewart, BVSc

There are two manufacturers of measuring devices you can use to measure your ketones. One is abbott and they have had the market forever in a day but genesis biotech have produced this product. The life smart blood glucose and ketone monitoring system, and they've come in as a bit of a market disruptor and their unit is cheaper to buy than the abbott one they've been a supporter of ours in terms of supporting us with the education that we've been doing in terms of low carb diets and ketosis. So what I'd like to do is just show you how to put their unit together because when this gets sold to some of the people we work with they can't always work it out themselves. I'm sure they would be able to eventually if they followed the instructions but i thought an instructional video would be useful so let's open it up and let's look at what's inside the package. Okay, so we've got an instruction manual, a quick start instruction manual again. Is that two? oh there's two there's two quick start and then there's a a log book here, there is something for you to send back to them about your warranty and then here is the unit itself.

Now, that''s not very large but the first thing we have to do is put some batteries in it. Now the batteries actually come if we lift that up like so and then the batteries come. Everything that you need is here and then so we take the batteries out of its plastic wrapping and then we fit them in here like so and this one like so and push that down. Have I done everything right? Yes, and then if I press that, you can see I've turned it on and then as soon as I put one of these strips in, it will activate now let's open this up. This box has got 10 strips in it. This is about retail about 13 dollars so and that that's for 10 strips so it's about a dollar 30 per strip per a test.

Now this is something that it's got 829 on here, so we need to put it in here and just make sure that unit recognizes that it is eight two nine and then when we put one of these strips in here. Each of these strips is also coded for this, what do I call this I've forgotten the name of something like that which is used to make sure that we've got the right ketone strips.

Now, put that in here like so and in a moment you will see that. It says 829 and you'll see also or you may not be able to see it but there's a drip there which is going drip drip drip which is basically saying it's time for you to give me some blood. So what we do here is this is our device that to which we add a lancet and then that's what we use to prick our finger and get a bead of blood and then, now you'll see when I do that, pull it off this lancet, take the plastic cap off there and then I put this in here like so and I'll put the cap back on now.

I don't know whether you'll be able to see this or not but this thing here determine show deep the lancet plunges into your finger, so I normally put it at about the fourth four out of five that seems to work for most people. To load it, pull this back, click and then I take my finger and I press there and you can see that I'm a good bleeder, so there we go. And now, I'm using by capillary action, I'm sucking up with just a tiny little bit of blood and then we're counting down and soon it's going to tell me what my blood ketone levels are okay, 1.8.

Okay so, that's it now... I think that measuring your blood ketones is one of the most important things you can do the old adage by management consultant drucker what can be measured can be managed so this is a very big incentive for me if I'm thinking about being naughty and eating something. I shouldn't eat I think to myself what will this do to my blood glucose values sorry my blood ketone values when I measure my blood ketones tomorrow morning now the other thing we haven't talked about is if you are in ketosis and we're aiming to get you to between one and two. So I'm happy with my value of 1.8 there if you're if you're in ketosis you will have low insulin levels. You don't even have to measure your insulin this is a proxy for your insulin value.

So let's take it out and then it disappears and it's nicely packaged so it goes back into the package here. Oh you can do this, you can take this off this is just a little plastic cover that protects the display unit so that goes in there, that goes in there the strips go in here the additional lancets. So that's it hopefully, that is a reasonably clear on how to assemble and use your life smart blood ketone measuring device.

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