Dr John Stewart

Dr. John Stewart after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, decided to take charge of his life by starting to eat healthy. He has been rewarded with now normal fasting blood glucose values and a Body Mass Index of 22. He is an advocate of intermittent fasting and finds his periods in ketosis bring him improved mental clarity. He was a sweet toothed, chocaholic lover of high glycemic index foods (eg. bread, rice, pasta, potato) which made the transition to a healthy diet quite difficult for him. His family had a history of diabetes which made him even more determined to change his eating habits. He has spent thousands of hours looking at the latest nutrition research and interacting with scientists and healthcare workers. His training in nutrition, physiology, pathology, microbiology, and pharmacology as a veterinarian has allowed him an appreciation of cross-species differences between humans and other mammals. He contributes his time to the nutrition science group unpaid.

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