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Our goal is to help you figure out how to improve your overall health and wellness.  At the end of the free 15-minute discussion we will have a good idea whether you are going to get value from working with us. 
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We are also keen to work with employers who are interested in having employees who are healthy and thus more productive as part of their team.  Please give us a call +61 425 310 625.

What you will learn

Healthy Heart
Coronary Calcium Score? Triglycerides? Pre-diabetic? Blood Pressure? Who do you have on your healthcare team? Results on your last blood test?
Eating Healthy
For most we recommend low carb eating. Ketosis is an extreme version of low carb eating known to help with many medical problems. Intermittent fasting is a very useful tool for most.
What exercise do you enjoy doing? While exercise is an overrated way of losing weight, it is important for other reasons.
Getting Good Sleep
Sleep apnea?
Managing Stress
Are you stressed? Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, horse riding, gardening, sport, etc. Are you connected with your family and friends? When did you have your last 1 month holiday?


How to book a coaching session?
Click on the "Get Started"  button and fill the form.  You will receive an email shortly once you submit and one of our coaches will get back to you on the details  on how to move forward with your  journey to healthy life.
What can I get from signing up for a Wellness Coaching?
You will get a FREE 15-minute chat with us, a special access to our private Facebook Group, special discounts to our future online programs and in-person seminars in Australia and Bali, Indonesia.
Is the coaching session free?
There's a FREE 15-minute chat before getting started with your Wellness Coaching.   The (1) hour Wellness Coaching is not free but we will be able to discuss during the first 15-minute chat to give you insight if we are a good fit and you can get the value from us.
Do you offer online coaching sessions?
Our Wellness Coaching Sessions are available both online and in person.
How many hours/minutes the will the coaching session take?
After the FREE 15-minute first session, 95% of people take a paid (1) hour session.  70% of people follow up with 4-8 sessions which is offered at a reduced price.
Do you train coaches?
Yes, this option is popular with personal trainers and allied health professionals.  This is a 12-month commitment usually followed up with a written and oral exam.

What our people say about us

People who attend our seminars, coaching session and workshops.
Here is what they are saying.
  • I met Dr John at an event run by Dr Rod Tayler.  I now understand why eating Keto is one of the best kept secrets for those who want to reduce their risk of cancer heart attack/and diabetes. Manufacturers of processed food are perpetrating high carb high sugar foods in our supermarkets. This is a national disgrace. Ever wondered why it isn’t getting more attention?? It’s all about the money not the health of our population
    The Nutrition Science Group
    Robyn, Nurse
    I was one of approximately 100 people who attended an event in the Pakenham library where Dr John from the nutrition science group spoke on why most people over 60 should be eating Low Carb. What I learnt on the day was that 98% of people are metabolically unhealthy increasing the risk of heart attack/cancer and Alzheimer’s disease
    Debbie, Officer
  • The nutrition science group are an organisation who are at the cutting edge of Science relating to low carb ,Keto and fasting
    I’ve started intermittent fasting and lost 10 kg over the last 10 months
    I attended an event run by the nutrition science group at university of the third age Pakenham.  I thought I knew quite a lot about eating healthy but the three speakers Dr John Stewart, Dr John Beaney and Heike Hohouse. Blew me away with their level of knowledge
    Attendee, U3A
The Nutrition Science Group
The information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have questions about your medical condition, you should seek the advice of a physician or qualified health provider.
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