We've Got 3 Macro Nutrients

Dr John Stewart, BVSc

We've got three macronutrients when we look at a classical study of nutrition. We have carbohydrates, which is fiber-starch sugar. We have protein, and we have fats and oils.

Now the reason with this strategy to get low insulin life that we're following that we are suggesting you eat high fat and low carbs, is that fat stimulates almost no insulin release at all. Remember insulin's the fat storage hormone, and we've decided already that the best way for us to lose weight is not turn on that insulin production which stimulates fat production.

We are also in a very fortunate position that what has only just come to be appreciated is that if we stay low carb, so it's low sugar and starch. You can actually eat significant amounts of protein without actually stimulating large amounts of insulin release.

So I hope that's not too science-y for you, but an important concept.

The Nutrition Science Group
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