Keto and low carb tips you MUST know

Dr John Stewart, BVSc

What I wanted to do is give you some low-carb tips that are probably some of them are very obvious but they're worth talking about. Common sense is an uncommon thing.

Now, Helena Popovic is a medical doctor turned holistic doctor who gives very good general advice. Subscribe to her newsletter if you're not already getting it and one of the things she says is "Don't eat unless you're hungry" and she's quite right because don't just eat because it's meal time has come around. You'll get the the hunger signals but if you're not getting them don't eat. So I also found that one of the things that helped me when I went low-carb was getting rid of the four white poisons: bread, rice, pasta, potato out of the house. Chocolate went. Used to love prathong. I used to love umi. Loved donuts. Get rid of all those things, just remove temptation so that it's not an issue for you because then if you get stressed and you feel like you need some sort of a dopamine hit then it's not there in the house for you to even think about it.

Some people tell me that they do well when they journal what they're actually eating as a way of tracking their eating, for me it doesn't really make a big difference for me but umi passed it on because it's something that more than one person has said to me my greatest tip in terms of staying away from the stuff that I shouldn't be eating is macadamia nuts about 70 to 75 fats and oils. You only have to eat a couple of them, chew them 50 times and the amount of oil you get out of them satiates you and takes the edge off your hunger so you're not tempted to do the the wrong thing. I always put with the macadamia nuts that I buy the raw ones and then I add salt because remember when you go low carb or keto you're dropping your insulin levels you will excrete more sodium so you need to have more sodium chloride in your diet, that's table salt and as a rule of thumb, I would say 10 grams of salt that's about 2 teaspoons of salt a day is what you should be adding to the food that you eat in order that you don't get the keto flu as they call it, because if you're not taking adequate salt and magnesium is another one. Magnesium, you'll get an indication that you're not taking enough magnesium. You'll get cramps, so um that's another tip for the low-carb life.

I also love the option of having instead of if you're a really really really really big rice lover and you've recognized that you've got to get rid of rice then cauliflower what they call cauliflower rice.

You could buy it in the supermarket already made into the little rice sized pellets or you can give it a zap in your food processor and make it the cauliflower rice yourself.

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