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Dr John Stewart, BVSc

So, another group of people that we love working with, are mums. So, by the time you've had two or three children, we recognize that it's quite tough you've been through probably a time in your life where you might have put on five or six kilograms, and you want to lose them and get back to looking fabulous the way you used to preach pre-pregnancy and child birth.

Well ketosis is a way of supercharging fat loss, so because basically when you go into ketosis, so that's eating 25 to 50 grams of sugar and starch a day what are called net carbs. You are actually forcing your body into starting to burn its own fat, and when you start to burn your own fat you produce. These magic molecules called ketones are a fuel, an alternative fuel to glucose but that's good in itself.

You know every person should be a dual fuel machine just like you have a car that will run on both gas and petrol. You should have all the cells in your body prepared so that they can run on either glucose, or ketones some tissues in your body brain and heart particularly would rather have ketones as their energy source, but the beautiful thing about ketosis is you are you become a fat burner. So, you're actually burning up your own fat and with the program that we suggest that you embark on. So I like intermittent fasting, and I like to start you off on 12 hours, so maybe your last meal of the day seven o'clock at night, first meal of the next day, seven o'clock in the morning and I'm going to stretch you out over another five weeks, so you're doing 7-11, seven o'clock at night last meal of the day and next meal of the next day 11 o'clock in the morning so that gives you 16 hours. Anything more than 12 hours and you are you've used up the glycogen that is stored in your liver which is a source of glucose for you and you start to burn fat. So the magic happens when you start to intermittent fast more than than 12 hours, and by if I took your blood ketones, even if you didn't change your diet at all your blood ketones wouldn't be zero or 0.1 or even 0.2.

The way someone in the average population that's doing nothing yours will be up to 0.5 or 0.7 maybe even 0.9 with the 16 hours of fasting in the four hours of fat burning that you're doing. I'm also going to get you onto a diet, where as well as your fasting, you are starting to take out of your diet the sugary, and starchy things and I'm going to encourage you to get rid of the sugar that you might have been having in your coffee in your tea. I'm going to encourage you to get rid of the what Ross Walker calls "The four white poisons, bread, rice, pasta and potato" because these things are these four things,- the four white poisons are very rapidly broken down in your gut to sugar and they are absorbed, and they give you glucose spike, which then produces insulin. The fat storage hormone. Now, if you can get rid of the bread, rice, pasta, potato then, and you're doing the fasting on average, you will lose at least one kilogram a day, so 10 weeks you'll feel much better when you go into ketosis. Ninety of people that we work with that go into ketosis, say "wow I just feel so much better!", "I'm sharper mentally and I've got energy that's lasting me all through the day"

So ketones are also a signaling molecule which is a story for another day. They are actually telling your genes to express themselves in ways which the genes are not expressing themselves. If you're not in ketosis, so sorry getting a bit heavy in the science side of things, but ketones is signaling molecule is something we're going to hear a lot more about in the next 10 years.

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