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Dr John Stewart, BVSc

One of the group of people that benefit from what we have to offer people who are working in the corporate world, they get on a train with a thousand other people every morning, and the air quality that they're breathing in when they work in the city. Plus, the air quality in the carriage, where they're breathing everybody else's germs.

First of all, I would consider if you're that sort of person that you do make the journey into ketosis, because when you're in ketosis, your immune system is working probably at its best, and the second thing I would say, is that if you are getting bad sleep then your immune system won't be working as well either. So, if you're not getting good sleep, then Matthew Walker's recent book "Why We Sleep" is a great read. It's a story which reviews the last 20 years of sleep research and he makes it. He weaves it into the research into an interesting story. So, you know one of the things he'll talk about in that book, is how your immune system doesn't work very well when you are sleep deprived.

The other thing that I find very useful is, I'm an iPhone user. On my iPhone, I have tapped the section that says clock one of them is timer, and I set it to 30 minutes. This is telling me that I've got to get up, and walk around every 30 minutes. Because, you've probably heard the saying sitting down is the new smoking. Because, when we sit down, we are not using the largest muscles in our body, by getting up, and walking around for a couple of minutes every 30 minutes. That is one step towards you feeling better keeping the blood flowing around your body. Removing all those waste products, delivering oxygen to the different parts of your body that aren't getting a workout while you're sitting still. Now the good thing about this iPhone is that when I do this sit, when it counts down to 30 minutes, it automatically repeats. So, I don't have to reset it for another 30 minutes. It just keeps telling me every 30 minutes an alarm will go off, and it'll tell them. Well that's my signal! I've got to get up and walk around again, so if you are a city person that works in the city in corporate, and you travel in a train every day, then keto is a way of giving you the best immune system you can. Plus, you're not getting enough activity exercise. We should be all getting at least half an hour of exercise every day, and often times, if you're a trained traveler going to the city to work, you are already getting up pretty early in order that you get to work by 8:30 in the morning. If you've got a one hour or one half hour commute, sometimes it's difficult to get enough exercise but there are a couple of tips. Use incidental exercise when you walk from your car to the station. Make sure you don't be too frightened to walk/park very close to where you're going to catch the train even if there are parks available there, and when you walk there, walk briskly don't walk dawdle. Walk briskly, and then when you get into the city, and you're looking at the escalator, and you're looking at the stairs beside it, use the stairs. You're stepping, stepping, stepping and when you're getting up you can see the end. You might be a little bit out of breath, but you put in a big effort, and run up those last 20 or 30 steps as hard as you can. They're the two most important things that you can do for your own health.

Eat well, low carb high fat and make sure you're getting plenty of exercise, and I'm a fan of high intensity exercise. So, thank you for going on this journey with me, if you're a corporate city based worker traveling on a train every day.

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