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Let's go back, and talk about I've just mentioned in the last video that I like cooking in coconut oil, butter, and extra virgin olive oil. We're going to talk a little bit more about fats. Let's get one thing straight straight away, and that is the saturated fats cause heart disease. That story's dead. There have now been eight meta-analyzes done around the world. One of the people in our group the Nutrition Science Group is Stephen Hamley. Now, Stephen is nearing the end of his PhD on insulin resistance and he's a world authority. He's one of the people that's done a meta-analysis on the question of "Do saturated fats cause heart disease?". So, I want you to get over your fat phobia, if you are going to stay long term on the low insulin strategy of low carb high fat eating, because if you just do low carb eating and low-fat eating, you won't stick with it.

Michael Mosley tells the story on himself where he knew everything that he should be doing. He got six months into his journey into low carb and low-fat. God, he couldn't just could not stay with it, but the two things that satiate our appetite the most are fat and protein, so if you can get over your fat phobia then that's very important.

So let's go back to the things that I like you to cook with. So coconut oil has got a couple of advantages, one is it's a fat that is very readily broken down in the liver into ketones. And we're aiming to get to a stage where for most people the magic starts happening when you get to a ketone level of between one and two, so coconut oil is good from that point of view like the other fats, it satiates your appetite, and another important thing about coconut oil is it's got a very high what's called smoking point. I think it's 232 degrees celsius but it's very high, it's higher than any of the other oils and so you can cook in it hot without actually creating some of the aldehydes and trans fats that are created when we take oils past their smoking point. Second, oil I love is butter. Now butter, we in Australia and New Zealand you know we don't have our dairy cows in feed lots, so they're not grain fed. Well, our dairy cows get grass-fed butter and grass-fed butter high in omega-3 fatty acids tastes great and it adds a flavor to lots of foods so butter and we know that one of the volatile fatty acids in butter is called butyrate and we know that butyrate is very important for nourishing the cells that line the part of our intestinal tract.

The large intestine where we share life with a trillion bacteria, so butter helps nourish those colonocytes, then the last source of extra virgin. Now even if you're a dietitian, whois trained traditionally 40 years ago, you haven't read any scientific papers for the last 10 years, you will still be happy with extra virgin olive oil. It's a source of mono saturated fats. All the doctors that are told when the drug rep comes into their surgery, and talks to them about whatever Statin their pharmaceutical company produces they are all happy with the extra virgin olive oil story so if you want a non-conflict ridden way of going about your low insulin life, and you don't want to have to explain to your cardiologist or your GP, or your dietitian, why you have gone on this new way of eating where you consume more than 10 saturated fats then stick with Cobram Estate. Well, but Cobram Estate is my my favorite brand. Bend is the company that sits at the top of Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It's their premium brand extra virgin olive oil and when Choice did a study two years ago looking at all of the extra virgin olive oils on the market, that's where they came from Spain or Italy, or Croatia, or Australia, or wherever they came from the Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil got the number one tick. It's a high in antioxidants and polyphenols, so buy the one in the supermarket that's got the three ticks and secondly, you might say, well it's expensive! Well, it's $15 for a 750 ml bottle which is more expensive than most of the other extra virgin olive oils, but what they do the boundary Bend crew every two or three months they will have a special, you go into Woolworths or Aldi or Coles, what do you know, it's for sale at 7.50! Well, when that happens, I buy up big. Nothing for me to walk out with six or 12 bottles of Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Three drips and I use some of it myself. I put it in a dark cool place and store it and I give it to my friends and my people, that I work with who didn't realize that it was on special and may have missed out on the special.

So good on you Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil! You're a great name in Australian food and keep doing what you're doing.

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