Katherine is a warrior for healthy eating, exercise and meditation. She is training to run her fourth half marathon this year. She is a registered occupational therapist. She finished dux of her class graduating with first class honours. She is a showjumping rider who as a teenager represented Australia at the World children’s showjumping championships in the USA. Two significant injuries happened while this young rider was looking like she might be a potential Olympian. This setback taught her to cope with disappointment and helped her develop the resilience she exhibits today. In addition to riding horses, she runs, skis, swims, plays tennis, table tennis and works out at the Gymnasium. She is also very interested in mental health practices like meditation. She is very good at enthusing those around her. Katherine “walks the talk” re her low carb high healthy fat eating. She is a great role model and admired by her friends for overcoming the setbacks she has faced.

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